Corona Virus and Roof Leaks

It’s been a scary few weeks with all the hype and publicity of the Corona Virus disease or by the scientific name COVID-19. Scared folks are clearing shelves of toilet paper, water, rice, etc., worrying about a potential pandemic.

Coronavirus can affect your upper respiratory tract (sinuses, nose, and throat). Early symptoms are much like those of the common cold. The risk probably reflects the strength, or weakness, of a person’s respiratory system. Now I’m no doctor nor do I claim to be, but it appears that the Coronavirus affects those most with preexisting upper respiratory issues.

But what does the Coronavirus have to do with roof leaks?

Dampness and mold have been shown to be associated with a variety of adverse respiratory health effects, including respiratory tract infections. Dampness and mold are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in homes or commercial buildings can be caused by rain seeping in from a roof leak. Mold growth occurs when enough moisture builds up from the roof leak or other source. Mold can spread throughout the home or building structure, it can even affect your HVAC system. So, in short, roof leaks can cause mold if not taken care of and this can be a large risk to those that are susceptible to respiratory  illness.

We have had a lot of rain of the last week or so here in Phoenix and I’m sure roofing contractors are being flooded with calls about roof leaks. Since it doesn’t rain a lot in the Valley of the Sun compared to other metro areas, many property owners procrastinate repairing roof leaks. Roof leaks can develop for several reasons, wind or storm damage, lack of maintenance or your roof is just old and needs to be replaced.

To avoid damage to your property or any health risk you should have your roof leak inspected and taken care of by a licensed Phoenix roofing contractor.  For more information visit



Roof Repair Phoenix a Fool Proof Tip

Fool Proof Tip for Roof Repair in Phoenix

Here’s a foolproof tip on roof repair Phoenix. One of the biggest roofing challenges is to really know if repairing your roof is the best option in the long run or to know when it is time to throw in the towel and re-roof your house. There will come a time when you have to decide what to do about your roof, it may be looking a little deteriorated and may have some roof leaks. Most property owners dread this decision and put it off a much as they can, “out of sight, out of mind”. People are hesitant to call out a Phoenix roof for a roof repair, concerned that they will get taken advantage of.

It’s not uncommon for property owners to change out tiles in their office or paint over a leak stain on their homes’ ceiling. Ignoring a roof leak wont make it go away. A timely roof repair Phoenix or even a roof maintenance program would have protected the roof on their building or home. The extent of the roofing problems and the age of the roof are major factors that can help you decide on what course of action to take.

Phoenix roof repair
Roof Repair Phoenix

Fool Proof Tip for Roof Repair Phoenix

One of the first and most important actions to take is to have a roof inspection. You want a roof inspection, NOT A ROOF ESTIMATE, tell your Phoenix Roofer you want an actual roof inspection, with pictures and options, cost of repair verses the cost of replacement.

The last thing you want to hear when it’s raining is “You Need A New Roof”! Lets face it; most people don’t want to spend capital expenses on a new roof… Especially if you can get some more years out of your existing one. Getting a Phoenix roofing contractor to show up is difficult enough, let alone getting three bids on a re-roof, then choosing the right Phoenix roofing contractor. Wouldn’t it be better to really know what the condition of your roof is and what your options are?

Roof Repair Phoenix

A thorough roof inspection and with a written roof report should address all critical areas of the roof, provide recommendations for repairs, a maintenance program and/or roof replacement. This Phoenix Roof Inspection Report should include pictures of roof areas that require attention and a proposal for the above Roof Repair Phoenix recommendations. A good roofing contractor should have a certified roof inspector on their roofing staff. Understandably, some Phoenix roofing contractors will charge an inspection fee if you choose to go with someone else.

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Phoenix Roof Restoration over Re-Roofing

Phoenix Roof Restoration over Re-Roofing

roof restoration phoenix
Flat roof repair phoenix

Recently, I was invited to bid on several large flat roof buildings in Phoenix. The building owners provided the scope of work and the usual Arizona’s juggernaut roofing contractors submitted their roofing proposals.

Since this was not a storm related claim and insurance was not paying the bill I saw an opportunity to present my APOC Roof Restoration System. The proposal was for the saving of an old built up flat roof.

Most Phoenix Roofing Contractors don’t like the saving older flat roofs. In my humble opinion they would rather sell a tear-off and new roof, than mess with saving a roof. Besides, most roofers know little about restoring a roof.

The advantages of a saving older flat roofs.

First, the obvious is that saving an older flat roof is less expensive. Second, it is considered roof maintenance and has huge tax advantages. Third, there is no disruption to tenants or occupants during the roofing proces s. And lastly, roof restoration is considered “Green”, plus little to no real  roofing debris to affect the our Arizona land fills.

So if you have an aging flat roof, ask about saving your older flat roof. For more information on roof restoration visit