EPDM Roof Coatings for Commercial Roofs

EPDM Roofs and Conklin Roof Coatings

If you are new to roofing industry chances are you heard of EPDM roofing systems but never understood what the hype about it is. Stick with us and in this article, Conklin Roof Contractors will explain why more and more business owners are deciding for EPDM as their commercial roofing solution!

EPDM is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, you probably will forget the full name, but it is essential to know that EPDM is a chemical compound that has taken the industry by storm. Especially commercial roofing industry! EPDM is usually applied to a flat roof or a low slope roofing system. It creates broad and thin sheets that are bound once they are placed by a unique adhesive. EPDM works best on lower slopes, and they represent a durable roofing solution.

What is the fuss about the EPDM roofing system?

First of all, EPDM is easy to install, and it also requires low maintenance. Therefore, it is a perfect upgrade to any roof: as it combines affordability, easy installation and requires very little care. The fact that it is not difficult to install is also why it represents way less injury risks for our roofers which allows us at Conklin Roof Contractors to be flexible at doing our job and do it the best possible way.

EPDMs are highly resistant and durable option. Therefore, they provide your roof with more strength and work as another protective layer. Owner located in harsher weather conditions usually go for EPDM because of its durability. No matter if you live in extremely hot or icy areas you can rest knowing you are getting the best of EPDM. Even if you live in an unstable and constantly changing climate, you don’t have to worry because this roofing material can withstand these climate changes.

Restoring your EPDM roof in Phoenix

No matter how strong EPDM roofs are, they can still use some reinforcement and improvement. Over time, they might lose some of their resistance properties, so the optimal way to prevent this is by applying high-quality coatings. Most of the time owners decide to use acrylic coatings, rubber coatings, urethane or elastomeric coatings. Acrylic coating, for instance, take on the texture and look of initial roofing material and they usually take about ten coats to be effective. Rubber coating, on the other hand, represent ultimate protection from water penetration. Coatings help the roof to avoid roof leaks” and make it more resistant overall as coatings renew your EPDM roof.

Conklin Roof Coatings EPDM System can significantly contribute to extending the lifespan of your roof. Coatings are highly efficient and affordable way of solving problems with your EPDM roof and avoiding overall tear off. However, these elastomeric coatings bring more than just a roof upgrade. They have the power to affect your entire property.

Also, this coating will play an important role in prolonging the time between the next reroofing. You will not have to invest in a costly roof tear-off but in a brand new, affordable roofing solution. People mostly decide for elastomeric coatings because of their energy efficient properties. Let our team of professional Commercial roofers help you if your commercial roof. Conklin Roof coatings are rated Energy-star, which means they save energy and power making your property overall more efficient. This coat can naturally cool your office or space and reduce the need for using air conditioning. Thanks to the white top coat, instead of absorbing, efficient elastomeric coating reflects a huge amount of heat and results in 30 % lower costs for air conditioning bills.

Give it a thought 

No matter which coating you decide to choose, ensure you pick the right contractor to apply it. Picking a high quality and proper coatings is the first step, however, finding a high-quality contractor to do the job is a decisive moment.