Another Phoenix Roof Restoration.

Another Phoenix Roof Restoration.

Recently, I was invited to bid on several large flat roof buildings in Phoenix. The building owners provided the scope of work and the usual Arizona’s juggernaut roofing contractors submitted their roofing proposals.

Since this was not a storm related claim and insurance was not paying the bill I saw an opportunity to present my APOC Roof Restoration System. The proposal was for the roof restoration of an old built up roof flat roof.

Most Phoenix Roofing Contractors don’t like the roof restoration option. In my humble opinion they would rather sell a tear-ff and new roof, than mess with a less expensive roof restoration. Besides, most roofers know little about roof restoration and coating.

The advantages of a Phoenix Roof Restoration.

First, the obvious is that roof restoration is less expensive. Second, it is considered roof maintenace and has huge tax advantages. Third, there is no disruption to tenants or occupants during the roof restoration process. And lastly, roof restoration is considered “Green”, plus little to no real  roofing debris to affect the our Arizona land fills.

So if you have an aging flat roof, ask about roof restoration over re-roofing. For more information on roof restoration visit