Have You Ever Read Your Homeowner’s Insurance policy?

I was surprised how many people are actually shocked of what their homeowner’s insurance policy will and will not cover. Many are horrified when they find out how much their deductible actual is.   I asked the question, “Have you ever read your homeowner’s policy?”

Who’s to blame, thhomeowners-insurancee DFW insurance agent or the Dallas Fort Worth property owner? In my humble opinion they both are! When we as property owners are looking for homeowner’s insurance we are basing our decision on price. Which Dallas Fort Worth carrier has a better deal, we rarely ask our agent to explain our coverage. The insurance agent wanting to sell a policy is quick to give a lower price than their competitor to get the sale.

Check these Dallas Fort Worth Insurance Claim Stories

I felt bad for one retired Dallas Fort Worth elderly couple that had a 2% deductible, on a fix income! At first I was angry with their agent for putting them in such a predicament, but realized they should have read their policy or asked their agent to explain their coverage.

Had another Dallas Fort Worth homeowner who was furious that insurance didn’t cover his Dallas Fort Worth roof or fence. It simply had deteriorated beyond their useful life. “Then why do I have homeowner’s insurance!” he yelled. If he understood his policy and realize that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover neglect he may have not been so upset. No one reads his or her policy.

Let’s talk deductibles.

Many Dallas Fort Worth homeowners’ believe since they paid into it for years they shouldn’t have to pay their deductible. Then to add insult to injury you have Texas roofers running around telling property owner that they will cover their deductible by committing insurance fraud.

No one seems to understand that homeowner’s Insurance is a shared risk. The homeowner pays premiums (payments) for protection from catastrophic events. In the event of one, the insurance pays out what your policy coverage outlined, (the majority of the claim). The first money paid is your deductible, than your insurance covers the rest. If you understand what you policy will or will not cover you wont be upset if your Dallas Fort Worth roof gets hailed out, you’ll be thankful that you understand exactly what you are covered for.

Hail has hit the DFW Metroplex and now EVERYONE’S a Roofer

Avoid Storm Chasers

Avoid Storm Chasers

Every time we get hail here in Dallas Fort Worth, roofers come out of the wood work.  Hail is here and now EVERYONE’S a Roofer!

Don’t be a victim, door-knocking sales people will always want to rush you to sign something and put their sign in your yard. Their mission is to get you to sign an agreement, their sign in your yard, promise you everything, no money out of your pocket and get your insurance proceeds.

Unless your roof is missing there is no rush.  Take your time and do some research on your roofing company and the sales guy.  Choose a local company, if there is an issue down the road you have some recourse. An out of town storm chaser wont be around for warranty issues.

If your roofers is offering to “eat” your deductible that’s a big red flag. If they are willing to cheat your insurance company, won’t they be willing to cheat you? For more information and a free down loadable book on how not to get screwed by a roofer visit www.costeffectiveroofing.com.

“I’ll Cover Your Insurance Deductible”

If your house was recently damaged by the March 17, 2016 hail storm that hit western Fort Worth, you will hear, “I’ll cover your insurance deductible”, by a roofer in the next several days.  Roofing companies will be sending out droves of door knocking sales people hoping to sing you up.

Avoid Roofing Sales People

Avoid Roofing Sales People

We live in Texas, this is the way 99% of Texas roofers do business. One roofing contractor told me, “I try to be honest, but if I don’t eat the deductible someone else will and I will lose the business.”

Besides being against the law, it violates your insurance policy. If you chose a roofer who will “eat” or “cover” your deductible by a marketing or sign allowance, you and your roofing contractor are committing insurance fraud. Will you go to jail for this? Not likely. Double billing or providing a false invoice to your insurance carrier showing that you paid your deductible when you didn’t, is just dishonest. If your chosen roofer is willing to cheat your insurance company, don’t you think they might cheat you?  For more information about how to avoid being screwed by a roofing contractor click here.

Dallas Roof Restoration over Reroofing

Recently, I was invited to bid on several large flat roof buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The building owners provided the scope of work and the usual Dallas juggernaut roofing contractors submittenicholas-Bryditzki-DFW rooferd their roofing proposals.

Since this was not a storm related claim and insurance was not paying the bill I saw an opportunity to present my Polyglass Roof Restoration System. The proposal was for the roof restoration of an old asphalt and Gravel flat roof. In fact, this Dallas Fort Worth Roof Restoration System even came with a 15-year warranty from Polyglass.

Most DFW roofing contractors don’t like the roof restoration option. In my humble opinion they would rather sell a complete reroof than mess with a less expensive roof restoration. Besides, most roofers know little about roof restoration and coating.

The advantages of a Dallas Roof Restoration.

First, the obvious is that roof restoration is less expensive. Second, it is considered roof maintenance and had huge tax advantages. Third, there is no disruption to tenants or occupants during the roof restoration process. And lastly, roof restoration is considered “Green”, plus little to no real roofing debris to affect the our Texas land fills.

So if you have an aging flat roof, ask about roof restoration over re-roofing. For more information on roof restoration visit www.costeffectiveroofing.com

dallas roof inspections

Some Roofer is ALWAYS willing to do it cheaper.

It does not matter what roofing project you have here in Dallas Fort Worth, there is always some Roofer in the DFW Metroplex willing to do a roof repair or re-roofing project cheaper.

It’s unwise to pay too much for a roof repair, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much for a roofing project, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little for a roofing project, you sometimes lose everything, because the Dallas Fort Worth Roofer you paid was incapable of doing the roof repair he was paid to do.

This is a Key Roofing Point:
“The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done.” If you deal with the lowest roofing bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay a professional roofing contractor to do it correctly.”

A paraphrased John Ruskin quote, he was a prominent social thinker in his day!

Hiring the Lowest Bidder Could Cost You More!

Dallas Fort Worth Roof Repair

While I was eating a Super Taco….. I noticed a ceiling stain and ask the manager about it. “We just had the roof fixed“, he so proudly explained. I ask, “How long ago did you have your roof fixed?”  He replied, “My Dallas Fort Worth Roofer just finished up a few days ago.”

nicholas Bryditzki roofing expert

Dallas Fort Worth roof repair

I went outside and took this pic!! This roof was definitely not repaired by a professional Dallas Fort Worth Roofing Contractor.  I won’t even go into detail what is wrong with this shingle roof repair, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This is why hiring the lowest bidder could cost you more! No matter what type of project you have, roofing, insulation, etc., hiring the lowest bidder is actually more expensive.. a lot more expensive!  For more information on choosing a Dallas Fort Worth contractor get your free down loadable e-book, click here.

Using GOOGLE to choose a Contractor

nicholas Bryditzki

Nicholas Bryditzki The Roof Medic

No matter what home or business project you have, most of us jump on our computer and search for a contractor. Whether, landscaping, plumbing, insulation or roofing,  we use the Internet to locate a Dallas Fort Worth contractor. Many will look at the contractor’s website and even some reviews. But have you ever used Google to look up who came out to look at your project? Using Google to choose and get more information on your contractor is key.

Next time you have a project, Google the actual person that comes out to estimate or inspect your project, you’ll never know what you may discover. Type the individual’s name in the Google bar and see what comes up.  Click “Images” and that can reveal even more about your Dallas Fort Worth contractor.It just might save you stress, time and money, better yet give you that peace of mind you need in hiring them. For more information on choosing the right contractor visit www.costeffectiveroofing.com and download our free book.

All Dogs Go to Heaven; I Think Some Roofers Should Go To H%#*!

NIcholas Bryditzki dallas Roofer

Dallas Fort Worth Roofing Scams

Lately I have been contacted by upset property owners who feel they where cheated by a Dallas Fort Worth Roofer. The workmanship that I inspect made me ashamed to be a Texas roofer. It seems that many DFW roofing contractors appear to be more interested in the insurance proceeds than installing or fixing your roof.

Think about this:

Since your insurance company is paying for your roof and you’re just responsible for your insurance deductible, deciding on the right contractor really boils down to who you feel comfortable with. One thing to remember: most roofing salespeople are paid either straight commission on the entire amount of the job, or by the profit they will split with the contractor. The more the selling price, the more money they make.

After a Texas storm,  Dallas Fort Worth roofing contractors will hire legions of inexperienced salespeople to “knock-doors” or hire experienced “storm-chasers” (their hired sales guns so to speak) to get in and start closing sales right away. Plus, most roofing contractors hire sub-contractors. This is neither good nor bad, except when it comes to supervision. A good local contractor will have a superintendent on salary to supervise and inspect your property. They will keep proper watch.

For more information on roof repair, hail damaged roofs or even solar sky lights visit www.costeffectiveroofing.com.

An Insurance Claim is Not Like Winning The Lottery

nicholas bryditzki

Texas Insurance Scams

You have to remember, when your homeowners insurance covers a claim, it’s not like winning the lottery. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to make money from an insurance claim. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier; a shared risk, you -the insured – reduce your risk of loss by paying a premium, and, if or when you have a loss, you pay a small percentage of the claim (your deductible). Your insurance carrier is obligated to pay the rest of the claim of your loss.

There is Good News for Dallas Fort Worth Homeowners!

Where else can you get a brand new roof, fence, gutters, skylights, or screens for a small amount of money (AKA your deductible)? Plus, this could be the time to upgrade to a better shingle, to add venting and other accessories in order to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills, or to receive a discount from your insurance company for upgrading to a hail-resistant shingle.

So remember this storm season, contact a qualified roofing professional! For more information visit, www.costeffectiveroofing.com

Your Homeowner’s Insurance is not a Home Warranty!

Recently, I was called to inspect a roof leak in Dallas. It was an older home and the property owner said it has been leaking for years. I inspected the roof and submitted my HD digital graphic roof inspection report to her.

dallas roof repair

Nicholas Bryditzki The House Medic

I showed the homeowner where the problem areas were. I let her know that her roof was coming to the end of its life cycle and had been neglected for years. She informed me that she only had a $1000 deductible and wanted to call her insurance company for a brand new roof. I was perplexed and politely asked why she believed that her insurance company should buy her a new roof. She quickly stated that she’s been paying in for years so she deserved a new roof. I replied, “Your homeowner’s insurance is NOT a Home Warranty.” I had to explain some hard-hitting facts:

A Home Warranty covers things in your home; if a covered component breaks the warranty will fix them.

A Home Owners Insurance Policy only covers the unexpected like hail, tree branch falls on your roof, etc, or any storm related damage that is covered. Which means, it doesn’t cover neglect.

Moral of the story; have your roof inspected by a qualified Dallas Fort Worth roofing contractor. Ask your roofer about a roof maintenance and repair program to extend the life of your roof.

For more information visit www.CostEffectiveRoofing.com