So You Have A Roof Leak

Phoenix Roof Repair

You have three options when you have a roof leak

1: You can ignore the leak and pretend it’s not going to get worst

2: You can try the handy man approach and try to patch it cheap.

3: Or you can call a professional Phoenix roofing contractor who can provide you a complete analysis of your roof’s condition and offer professional solutions which may include, roof maintenance, roof repair, or roof restoration.

Making smart roofing decisions can reduce the long and short-term costs associated with your roof. There are several good choices when it comes to extending the life of your roof. A professional roofing contractor can provide cost effective roofing solutions that can extend your roof’s life.

Phoenix Roof Repair and Maintenance

Most roof systems have common characteristics that make most roofs vulnerable as your Phoenix roof ages.

Flat roofs: Seam lifting and separations, gapping at penetrations, drain issues and of course roof ponding areas. This can lead to roof leaks and eventually deterioration to you decking.

Tile Roofs: After 17-20 years the underlayment is deteriorating curling at laps, Gapping at penetrations, broken and cracked tiles and of course missing tiles. This can lead to roof leaks and eventually deterioration to you decking.

Foam Roofs: Simple the deterioration of the protective elastomeric coating and this can lead to roof leaks and eventually deterioration to you decking.

The TRM Roofing Solution is simple.

Do Something! The worst thing you can do is ignore your roof leak. Have your roof inspected, perform roof maintenance, have your roof repaired professionally until full replacement is within your budget. For more information visit: and know the truth about your roof.

DIY Foam Roofing Repair & Maintenance Phoenix

DIY Foam Roofing Repair & Maintenance Phoenix: If you have a foam flat roof in the Valley of the Sun you can understand the advantages of a sprayed polyurethane foam roof. One of the biggest factors that many property owners don’t think about is proper Phoenix foam roofing repair and maintenance. As a property owner with a foam roof you have two choices; hire a professional Phoenix roofing contractor or DIY… Do It Yourself Foam Roof Repair and Maintenance.

Foam Roof Blisters

Foam roofs can sometime develop blisters, which are usually caused by trapped moisture; most of these foam blisters do not cause an immediate threat.   If left unfixed these foam blisters will eventually split exposing the foam roof to UV degradation… SUN LIGHT. This will cause your foam roof to deteriorate.

Do It Yourself Foam Blister Repair

  1. Cut out the blister and remove any burnt or wet foam within the foam blister, you want to get down to dry and white foam. It is important to make sure everything is dry.
  1. Using a sharp utility knife cut the edge of the roof foam at a 45-degree angle away form the blister. This will provide a smooth tie-in with your caulking.
  1. There are several manufactures’ of elastomeric caulking, I recommend APOC’s 264 Flash N’ Seal Roof and Flashing Sealant. With a trowel, fill the foam blister void with APOC’s 264. Make sure to push the caulking in and completely fill the foam blister void.
  1. Smooth out to match your current foam roofs texture as much as possible and allow the APOC 264 Flash N’ Seal Roof and Flashing Sealant to cure for several days.
  1. When the repair is cured or dried, coat the top of the foam roof repair with an elastomeric coating to ensure no future damage will occur. I recommend APOC’s 252 Sunwhite Premium Elastomeric Roof Coating. There are lower priced elastomeric roof coatings you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes. For more information about foam roof repair and maintenance visit: